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Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

Ata Lace has been a leader in textile accessories production since 1990 and has adopted sensitivity to the environment and people. It always prioritizes the idea of environmental protection and recycling in its practices with its environmental priority management style. It constantly monitors domestic and international developments by examining environmental and recycling processes and technological developments.

As a support to non-governmental organizations operating in this field, it sponsors various concerts and competitions in order for our future children to gain environmental awareness.

Ata Lace Environmental Awareness

Ata Lace damages the environment with the properties of the raw materials it uses, and its product range is certified and pure enough to be used in baby clothes.

Ata Lace, Special Production / Product- Design

Ata Lace offers a very special opportunity to its customers. You can also have products that are not available on the product page published on the website. If your company or you use an accessory that you cannot see on the site, you can request that it be produced. You can make this request and send pictures of the accessory you want via Ata Lace website.